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Synthetic Rubbers

Uses: Manufacturing of tires for a wide variety of vehicles and aircraft, including automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, farm equipment, construction equipment, domestic and military.


Liquid Polymer

Uses: Binding agent for the compounds used in rocket propellants.

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Adhesives, Binders

Uses: Engine blocks, brake linings, electronic components, abrasive and felt bonding, friction materials, custom moulding, composite/refractory/

foundry applications, photolithography, foam products and sand coating, etc.

Calcium Carbide
Uses: Desulphurization reagent – used to remove sulfur from steel and ductile iron
Production of acetylene gas – used in metal cutting application, steel tempering, and as a chemical intermediary for such products as pharmaceuticals, beauty products, laundry detergents, etc.


Calcium Hydroxide

(a co-product of acetylene production)
Desulfurization reagent – used to remove sulfur from flue gas streams
Soil stabilization for road construction
Acid neutralization


HCFC-22 (Freon® 22, refrigerant R-22)

Uses: Refrigeration, foam blowing agent; raw material for manufacturing Teflon.


Hydrochloric Acid (co-product of HCFC-22 production)

Uses: Food processing, steel "pickling", neutralization, etc.

HFC-23 (co-product of HCFC-22 production)

Uses: Fire extinguishant, etchant in electronics industry.

Plastic Additives
Uses: Impact modifiers, processing aids, resin additives and weather-resistant resins used in plastics.

Coating Materials

Uses: Paint, stain, adhesives, sealants and inks


Uses: Raw material used in Plastics Additives and Coating Materials, also shipped to customers


Vinyl Fluoride
Uses: Raw material for manufacturing Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film and some direct sales. Tedlar is used on the interior of aircraft, architectural structures, decorative awnings, etc.

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Aluminum Powder

Uses: Manufacture of aluminum paste and also used as rocket fuel


Aluminum Paste

Uses: Adds pearlescence, brilliance, and shine to paints, coatings, inks, and cosmetics



Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride [CPVC] Resins and Compounds
Uses: Fire sprinkler piping systems; residential and commercial plumbing systems; chemical and heat resistant industrial pipe and fittings; residential siding, fencing, and shutters; airplane interiors (walls, tray tables…)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) latex and Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) latex

Uses: Flame retardant coating for carpeting, blinds, drapery and upholstery fabrics; vinyl wallpaper and flooring; automotive rustproof undercoating; graphic arts inks and coatings; air filters; roofing shingles; commercial fishing nets; and low-VOC corrosion-resistant metal primers, to name a few of the wide variety of uses.

Plexiglas® and Altuglas® resin
Uses: Tail light lenses, backlit signage, lighting applications, dashboard panels, medical equipment and much more.

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Elastomers, Polymers

Uses: Automobile hoses, gaskets, brake pads, air ducts



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